Made For The Buyer

Low Auction Prices

Success fees will only be 2%, so compared to other Auction sites. There will be savings to be made when buying your next big item. Some success fees are a must to pay staff, have top notch security, servers and keep the site ad free. Nobody likes ads cramping up half their phone screen or showing the same stuff over and over again. Because Hawka is a paid site with success fees you will enjoy a clean ad free experience.

One Hour Hawk

One hour hawk was created with a low cost marketplace in mind, which brings back the fun and excitement into buying and selling. This means you will be able to buy an item for 10% less than market value. The way it works is quick fire buying and selling that drives the price down for wanted goods and keeps the prices low.

Clean Site Navigation

Many sites have been stuck in the past with navigation, this will all change when Hawka is released. Take this page for example, Will scale to any device be it phone/tablet/laptop or even 4k tv screen. You will be able to find what you are after faster because of the clean layout and no clunk approach. There might be some promotions and sponsored content but only minimal.

Graph Style Feedback

“One number” for feedback is not a clear way to show who you are dealing with. On Hawka each person will have an area chart based off their last 50 trades. Each point of the area will represent an important aspect of buying. (Quality, Communication, Time frame, Price) This will not only give the buyer the information on who they are dealing with instantly. It will also allow the user to know what they need to improve on.

Made For The Seller

Much less Auction Fees

On Hawka There will be 2% flat fees, so if you sell your Play Station 4 for $480, you will only get around $9 fees. With a return of $471. But if you sold your item for $500 on a competitor site. With typical 8% fees. You would get $35-40 fees and a return of only $460-465. So not only are you making more money, you are giving the buyer a good deal and making the item more likely to sell.

Mobile Friendly Listing

Creating listings on a mobile phone in the past has been a massive problem. On Hawka you will be able to create a professional listing, in under 2 minutes with no problems. Listings with Unanswered questions or closing in less than 24hours will be showed first. This will make managing your listings and monitoring who is bidding much easier.

Trade Option Available

When listing an item you will have the option to allow trades. For example if you are selling a Samsung s7 for $800 and you have trading enabled. Any buyer will be able to offer you one of their listings and cash either way. This is means a buyer could offer you a Samsung s5 and $350. The Success fees for both parties in the trade will only be 1%. All listings with bids will have trading disabled.

Social Media Ready

There has been distance between Social Media and Auction sites. Mostly because of fears of them eating into profit. On Hawka we encourage Social Media. We will even have functions to share your hawked items and items you are selling to attract buyers. So you can have double the audience and all of the buyer protection.

Made For Business

5%+ More Profit

With the lower fees you will be able to sell items at a better price point, sell more items at that price point. The amount you drop the price will be up to you. At Hawka we recommend dropping the price at least half the difference in successes fees. This will encourage sales and still make you more profit per item.

Easy Stock Management

On Hawka you will have the ability to track your items stock and items that will run out of stock soon. This will be biased on the items current average sell rate. You will be able to enter your typical restocking time so you will only get notification when you need to. This will lead to fewer hours running your business. We will work with businesses and help them import listing, set up their account and answer any questions.

Sales Charts And Graphs

For business there will be detailed sales charts and graphs. So you can quickly know what items are selling the best. What time of year, day or month set listings is selling the most. What items make you the best profit, what items you should stop stocking as much. To make your business more profitable, streamlined and need less time to manage.

Detailed Parts Listings

You will be able to create a listing with a 28 day duration and without a price. List all the parts for the car/item/engine/etc. If not use our prebuilt lists. Then the buyer can come on to the listing see the part they want and buy it directly from that listing. This saves you effort and has the effect of 50 listings in one listing. You will be able to set a stock amount for each part then the parts sell it will be unavailable for buyers.

Top Site Security

Chat And Refunds

Being able to message the buyer directly will be a big step forward from email. There will be no missed emails or emails unsent. If there are any sale disputes it will be easy to determine the problem. You will still be able to receive email notification about messages. If you buy an item and the seller never sends it or does not have a tracking number for the item. You will be eligible for a refund. In-house chat will be able to find if the seller or buyer is not responding to the trade.

Buyer Protection

If you buy an item and regret your decision, find an item cheaper or buy the wrong item. You may use the back out option. This is a feature that users will only have the option to use once every 90 days. There will be a 10% of the listing price fee sent directly to the seller for inconvenience. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to use this after the listing closes. You will also have to pay for return shipping if the goods have already been shipped.

Seller Protection

If you sell an item there will be a chance the buyer wants to back out for any set reason. In the past this turned ugly and resulted in bad feedbacks. Now you will get compensated 10% from the buyer for any trades they back out of. This is just for any inconvenience, restocking and relisting time. In-house chat will be able to find if the seller is not responding or responding badly to the trade.

Hawka Protection

Hawka will refund the buyer and seller up to 10%, to both there Hawka accounts for inconvenience on genuine mistakes. This can cover things like return shipping, restocking fees and inconvenience. Mistakes happen. At Hawka we are here to make online auctions a safe and friendly place.